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Dear Friends and Fans of Inception~

First, I would like to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Season to you all~

It is my favorite time of year as it always helps us to focus on what is important in life and reminds us to enjoy and appreciate our friends, family and the blessings and rights that we enjoy in this wonderful country, setting aside whatever political backgrounds we all have. Now I am not getting into one of the conversations that you should never have while drinking or at a family dinner, I'm just saying... :-)

We are thankful for all of you!. Our second full year is coming to a close, and for a new business in questionable financial times we are very, very happy to say the least, as I am happy to report that our 1st vintage basically sold out completely. We are really picking up some great momentum. Just a few weeks ago at the L.A. Food and Wine Festival at L.A. Live, Wolfgang Puck himself asked me for some wines to serve at the Spago and CUT booth' much fun---here are a few pictures of the event with Wolfgang...what a great fan of our wines!. You can enjoy Inception at his 3 fine dining restaurants in the L.A. area, Spago, Cut at the Beverly Wilshire and WP 24 at The Ritz Carlton Downtown!.

Wolfgang Puck, Jon Hirsh,
Michel Ledoux
Wolfgang thinks we're #1 Celebrate @ Emmy Awards LA Food & Wine Smash!

Also, this just in, the newly remodeled and reopened Hotel Bel-Air has chosen our Inception Chardonnay as their wine by the glass at the hotel and I must say, the place is absolutely over the top!. We are most grateful for them choosing our wine over all of the other chardonnays that are in the market to be their pick!. Just can serve the Chardonnay of the Hotel Bel Air in your very own homes at a great price! that a shameless plug?....

So, on the topic of Thanksgiving and being grateful at this wonderful time of year, I thought it would be very nice to show our appreciation of all our clients and wineclub members by coming in at this most appropriate time of year and offer a 20% discount on all orders for the next 2 weeks!.

That's right, we'll break price 20% for the next 2 weeks for online sales and may I humbly add, that your Thanksgiving meal is made for our delicious Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs'.

In the next couple of weeks, we will update the site further as we will release our 2010 Viogner and our 2009 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir from the famed LaEncantada vinyard!. Both these wines will fall under the flagship branding of the o r i g i n series of Inception!.

All in all, its been a wonderful year. Thank you all so much for your support of our dream to be in the wine business. We will be updating our upcoming events as well, also, we have turned all of the wines in for ratings this fingers crossed!.

With kindest personal regards,

Jonathan and George

Hollywood Bowl Run-in How do you drink inception? George @ Pebble Beach
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